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Do you volunteer?

2015 December 13

Article from: Statistics from Corporation for National and Community Service: Do you volunteer?


“The statistics do not lie. Our numbers consistently show that Americans of all ages are working together to keep our nation strong.

Nearly 63 million Americans volunteered nearly 8 billion hours last year.
This service has an estimated value of $184 billion (based on Independent Sector’s estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour).

More than 138 million Americans (or 63%) volunteered informally in their communities.
Volunteering is a core American value. Last year one in four Americans volunteered through an organization, and two in three of us regularly helped our neighbors.

Top 10 States in Volunteering:

  • Utah (Salt Lake City, UT is also #1 in top cities)
  • Idaho
  • Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI is also #3 in top cities)
  • Minnesota (Minneapolis -St.Paul, MN is also #2 in top cities)
  • Kansas
  • Vermont
  • Nebraska
  • Alaska
  • North Dakota
  • Iowa

But there’s much more hard work to do. We need volunteers now more than ever. That’s why I’m asking all of you to:

Mobilize your networks to spread the word to #GoVolunteer
Visit our volunteering website and find an opportunity near you to volunteer in your community.”

-Wendy Spencer, CEO
Corporation for National and Community Service


Check out for your local volunteer opportunities!


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