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Parent’s Night with ChiL

2016 February 24
by HandsOn Suburban Chicago

On Thursday, February 11th we held the first of a series of Family Activity Nights for families of students involved in the after-school program, CHiL, at Holmes Middle School. The fddamilies arrived as CHiL was ending to decorate picture frames as a family. The project originated as a part of Family Volunteer Day on November 21st. Family Volunteer Day kicks off the giving season by bringing families together around the United States to complete projects that will support local community needs. Bringing families and communities together is a great way to make connections and spend quality time together. 

Moms and younger siblings joined CHiL students to each create a picture frame to take home. I was amazed at how engaged the families were! When the pizza arrived, we made an announcement for the families to get in line to grab some food. Unexpectedly, many families continued to work on finishing their frames before getting food! 


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