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How to Achieve a Positive Volunteer Experience – Part 2

2017 August 8
by HandsOn Suburban Chicago

Studies show that volunteering can be beneficial to volunteers as well as to those served but ensuring a positive experience is as much the responsibility of the volunteer as it is the organization. The volunteer need to be diligent in researching the organization and its environment to find the right fit.

In our first installment, we highlighted the rights you have as a volunteer to ensure a positive volunteer experience. Along with these rights, you also:

As a Volunteer You Have the Responsibility

  • To make clear during the initial interview your interests, skills, expectations, preferences and availability.
  • To be aware of the general purpose of the agency and what’s expected of you before accepting the assignment.
  • To accept the assignment with the intention of following through in a dependable manner.
  • To notify your designated supervisor of necessary absences as much in advance as possible.
  • To participate in any training required by the agency.
  • To accept supervision and guidance and comply with the regulations of the agency.
  • To respect the confidentiality of agency and/or client information.
  • To discuss satisfactions, dissatisfaction and suggestions for upgrading or changing your assignment with your supervisor.
  • To be willing to respect the competencies of others and work as part of a team with all staff and other volunteers.

In an upcoming blog post, we will cover 1 more key topics that should help both prospective and current volunteers improve their service experience:  How to Get the Answers You Need.

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