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The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Poll Worker

2018 August 30

It’s hard to believe it but the November elections are right around the corner! Did you know there is a shortage of poll workers in suburban Cook County? That’s why we need you!

HandsOn Suburban Chicago is partnering with the Cook County Clerk’s Office to sign up both adults and high school students to become poll workers.

When you sign up at not only are you helping the election process go smoothly, but you are also helping HandsOn Suburban Chicago raise much-needed funds to support our Schools and Youth programs that serve at-risk youth in our community. For every poll worker recruited that works on Election Day, HandsOn Suburban Chicago gets $25 to help our kids!

If you ever wondered what the benefits of being a poll worker are, here are our top 5:

5.  Getting to know your neighbors and meeting new people!

4.  Engaging directly in the democratic process!

3.  Helping your community!

2.  Assisting people in performing an important civic responsibility!

1.  Getting paid for doing the right thing and have fun at the same time!

Sign up today and share this with your friends and family!

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